2020 NATSIHWA Professional Development Symposium 'Supporting Our Workforce'

2020 marks the beginning of a new decade and the continuation of support for our mob.

As an association founded on the cultural and spiritual teachings of our past and present leaders NATSIHWA understands the importance of 'Supporting Our Workforce.'

In 2018 we ‘Engaged Our Workforce’ with evidence based teachings at the National Professional Development Symposium where 100 Full Members were immersed in 2 days of learnings. For 2020 we are opening the Professional Development Symposium to 100 Full Members giving them the opportunity to attend the 2 day Symposium for workshop based learnings.

This is where your exclusive opportunity comes in… for this year’s Symposium as mentioned above there are 100 openings for our Full Members to attend and NATSIHWA is excited to offer 100 bursaries for our Full Members in conjunction with the support from Scholarship Sponsors.

Over the 29-30th of September 2020 you will be immersed in 3 workshop sessions from 3 organisations. Each full member will have an opportunity to attend each workshop due to the session structure which NATSIHWA will have in place. There will also be one offsite visit conducted as the fourth session of the Symposium. The two day Professional Development Symposium will concluded as always with a Gala Dinner, where we will reflect and discuss the learnings from the past two days.